Founder Fridays: Founders & Funding

Hear from each side — the founder and the investor — about the process of closing a deal. Learn about the relationships that drive businesses forward.

What You'll Learn

You can find blogs, podcasts and videos about fundraising stories, but none of them tell you the unvarnished truth. Founders & Funding focuses on the entire story, so you develop a better understanding of how funding and venture relationships work. We curate a diverse set of guests to provide different funding scenarios and perspectives.

In each episode, you’ll hear from both sides — the founder and the investor. They will talk about their career trajectory, why the company was started, how the round came together, and their post close relationship that drive businesses forward. Tune into the Founders & Funding podcast, available on Spotify and alternatively, on all other podcast streaming platforms.

Event Speakers

Alex Norman

Past Speakers

Rasha Katabi

Founder & CEO of Brim Financial

Jeff Shiner

CEO of 1Password

Eva Lau

Founding Partner of Two Small Fish Ventures

Martin Basiri

Co-founder & CEO of ApplyBoard

Albert Wenger

Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures

Jessica Rolph

Cofounder & CEO at Lovevery

Michael Hyatt

Co-founder of BlueCat

Benedict Evans

Venture Partner at Entrepreneur First

Sam Corcos

Co-founder and CEO at Levels

Julia Lipton

Founder at Awesome People Ventures

Matt Clifford

Co-founder & Chief Executive at Entrepreneur First

Malik Yacoubi

Co-founder and CEO, Nesto

Francois Lafortune

Co-founder and CEO, Diagram

Andre Charoo

Founder, General Partner at Maple VC

Kevin Kim

Co-Founder & CEO, Stadium Live Studios Inc.

Lloyed Lobo

Co-Founder & President at Boast.AI

Champ Bennett

Co-founder at Capsule

Shruti Van Dyke Gandhi

General Partner & Founding Engineer at Array Ventures

Andrew Lee

Partner at Initialized Capital

Aaron Glazer

Co-Founder & CEO of Taplytics

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