Founder Fridays: Perfecting The Pitch

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential investor by participating in a feedback session for entrepreneurs.

What You'll Learn

Fridays are dedicated to the Founder an Innovator related content you need to see and hear!

In each segment of Perfecting The Pitch and Perfected Pitch, an early-stage founder will share their pitch deck and over the course of the episode, Alex Norman, Co-founder of TechTO, will share his unfiltered feedback on what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be improved.

The goal of the session is to have it be constructive, and have both our founder and the audience walk away with valuable insights on:

  • What investors care to see in your pitches
  • Which metrics matter
  • How to share your business's story in a way that resonates with investor(s)

Halfway through each episode, you will get to sit in the investor's chair and vote on whether or not you would invest.

Event Speakers

Alex Norman

Past Speakers

Jerry Chien

Co-founder & CEO of Gravvity

Kushi Kaur

CEO & Founder at Joint App

Evan Hallward

Co-founder & Co-CEO at Aboard

Tanya Gough

Founder at Storybilder

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