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SAS Viya Learning Series for Financial Services

Newsletter published on:
September 13, 2021

Analytics has gone from a largely impenetrable discipline embraced by academics and statisticians to a market crammed with hundreds of products and services. Founded more than 40 years ago, SAS Institute remains the leader in analytics entrenched in customer and business intelligence, anti-fraud, and predictive analytics. Last year, nearly 178,000 job postings listed SAS as a desired skill, according to Emsi, an aggregator of labour market data.

SAS Viya is an AI, analytics and data management platform. It uses open-source models or SAS models and can be accessed through APIs, interact with GUIs or with popular programming interfaces like Jupyter notebooks.

SAS has several resources available for data scientists seeking to learn the latest SAS Viya has to offer, and for leaders looking to bolster their employees’ analytical awareness and skills. Starting Sept. 16, SAS will launch the Viya Learning Series for Financial Services.

This free 8-part learning series will cover several aspects of SAS Viya and explain the benefits of VIYA for various end-users. 

The schedule will have content tailored for data scientists, visual analysts and SAS programmers. Part 1 and 2 of the series will be accessible to everyone and will provide a summary of SAS Viya and a use case from a U.S. Financial Institute.

View the full schedule here, and then don’t forget to register!