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Partner Offer: KitchenMate

Newsletter published on:
July 16, 2021

KitchenMate is a food-service designed for the hybrid workplace. It was founded with the mission to make tasty, nutritious, and affordable fresh food that fits into people's increasingly fast-paced lives (watch our founder’s 2019 TechTO Talk: Start a Meaningful Company).

As the city reopens, employees are looking for good reasons to work in the office, and need to feel it's safe to do so. With hybrid work culture becoming the norm, the role of the office is shifting towards one focused on team collaboration, cultural cohesion and employee engagement.

Having access to fresh, nutritious and affordable meals in the comfort of your own office is an integral part of building this new employee experience. KitchenMate offers a variety of world-class freshly cooked hot meals, gourmet grab-and-go options and curated beverages that are available 24/7 for your staff. The seamless experience is enabled by real-time computer vision and proprietary hardware that makes it the most advanced workplace food solution. To learn more, get in touch with a product specialist.

They are releasing a very limited number of units later this year. For our TechTO family only, reserve Your Kiosk with Promo Code: TECHTO-07 at and receive 3 months of free service. *

*up to $900 value per company