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Intuit Prosperity Accelerator: Cohort Spotlight

Newsletter published on:
November 24, 2021
Intuit Prosperity Accelerator - Startup Profiles

Since the announcement of the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator: AI program, we are taking a closer look at the startups that are leading the 2021 cohort!
Today we are profiling Stamped AI, an organization that streamlines and automates accounting data certification, making small businesses year-end ready, all year round.

How is Stamped AI innovating?

Based out of Quebec City, Stamped AI is changing the way year-end financial statements and audits are done by using automation and AI. Year-end financial statements and financial audits are costly, inefficient, really not fun to do, and nobody was trying to change that. That's why we started this company.

What is the long-term vision?

We want to be the #1 source of continuously audited financial data for companies
(including real time analysis and dashboards), and provide the best year-end and
automated financial audit software in the world. We want to change year-end audits by not doing year-end audits, but instead keep the companies in an audited
state at all times.

By the numbers

Our company is doubling its revenues every year since inception with no signs of slowing down while being mostly bootstrapped. We are now serving 400 customers through a network of 40 channel partners and counting.

How are you making a difference?

Our customers are small and medium businesses owners, accounting and bookkeeping firms. We help them by making it easy, efficient and fast to do year-end financial statements, get certified and receive in-depth insights about what is happening in their accounting and bank systems.

Learn more about Stamped AI and the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator here