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Company to Watch: Codex

Newsletter published on:
February 7, 2022


Every Monday, we profile a company to watch that's innovating in their industry.

Today we are profiling Codex - code collaboration that answers the burning technical questions in your codebase, right in your IDE!

What is Codex?

Codex instantly understand what's happening in your codebase and add 'the why' of code for better knowledge and context sharing between teams.

See how it works

What else can Codex help with?

Helps with onboarding customers faster

Codex can help new teammates understand their repositories faster and at scale—it's like multi-tenant pair programming. Allowing your staff and sr. engineers to focus on the mission critical, let Codex handle the rest.

Helps with requesting context from colleagues

Codex highlights a codeblock in your favorite IDE and request context, Codex will automatically find the teammates who worked on the code by running git blame for you and ask them your question. Once they respond you’ll be notified and it will be written to Codex —so all other teammates will benefit from the context.

What is the story behind Codex?

Codex founders, Karl Clement (COO), Saumil Patel (CTO), and Brandon Waselnuk (CEO), started the company as a side-project in a quest to add a context layer on top of a git repo to help onboard new engineers into a codebase. When they showed their prototype to friends in engineering leadership positions, all of them asked for an early build of the product. A month after its month, year Y Combinator funding, Codex began a private beta with 25 companies ranging from teams of 3 to hundreds.

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