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Companies to Watch: Voiceform

Newsletter published on:
September 20, 2021
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Every Monday, we profile a new company we think you should care about. Today we are profiling Voiceform - an early stage startup that has seen massive growth in the last few months.

Here's why you should care about their product:

What they do

Voiceform's tool helps collect and analyze emotive audio feedback in any language.
Their audio-powered tool is used to create surveys, forms, and assessments that help companies understand their target audience through voice. They help capture customer sentiment often missed in traditional text-based surveys.  

Who is behind it?

Philip Brook, Harrison Reilly, and Artem Alekhin

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Why was it founded?

Voiceform was created out of a problem our founding team experienced in our previous sales, product, and tech roles.

Philip (their Co-Founder and CEO) used to send out hundreds of surveys, only to find that traditional text-based results lacked detail and wasted hours scheduling and hosting calls. Harrison struggled to engage customers in a remote setting, and found Zoom calls to lack authenticity, as customers felt pressured to respond on the spot. The remote setup also restricted customer accessibility across abilities, geographies, and languages.

That’s where they decided, there needs to be a better way to collect rich and emotive audience feedback at scale, without sacrificing data quality and user authenticity.

What is the long-term vision?

In an increasingly digital and remote-first world, we help organizations understand an audience from anywhere.

Their customers have stated that they collect 3x-4x more useful information from their customers using Voiceform versus traditional surveys and forms. With less effort, companies collect a deeper layer of emotional response often missed in traditional text-based offerings, without sacrificing data quality. With a better understanding of user sentiment and tone, companies can reduce customer churn, better understand user needs, and increase accessible feedback.

Their goal is to expand their platform to provide users with the tools they need to engage a global audience and capture rich emotive data in a secure way.

By the numbers

  • Since launching in May 2021, they’ve welcomed 251+ customers, growing quickly
  • In September, they secured 4 new contracts with Marketing Research companies. They’ve helped clients save over 100+ hours booking and hosting in-person/virtual user interviews, as their tool takes care of it all.  
  • Customers are even finding new ways to use the tool such as, creating audio-based language tests for students, and to add an additional security measure to contracts during the signing process.

Who are your customers and how do you help them?

Since launching, we’ve seen our tool used in super interesting ways -- but no matter the use case, it’s all about helping customers engage with their target audience and understand them through emotive data.

From capturing user feedback, to taking UX research to the next level, our customers consist of Product Managers, Product Designers, Marketers, UX Researchers, Community Groups, Government Agencies and more!

Learn more about Voiceform and their growth journey by visiting their website here. We look forward to seeing Voiceform and their team continue to grow and innovate in the future.